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The Saddest Girl at the Party

collaboration with Erika Mitsuhashi

This piece plays between giving everything and just barely holding back. Monochrome all-grey props and costumes combined with stark white lighting give a sterile aesthetic, and unusual manipulations of traditional theatrical devices undermine the very expectations they are designed to set up. These elements working together create an alienating distance between the audience and the performance, which is then torn away in moments of vulnerable honesty, culminating in an ending of energetic, explosive release.

The Saddest Girl at the Party premiered in Vancouver at Shooting Gallery Performance Series 2017, and since then it has been presented with New Works and the rEvolver theatre festival. 

The Saddest Girl at the Party is actively seeking residency and touring opportunities.

Created and performed by Erika Mitsuhashi and Francesca Frewer

Duration: 35 minutes

The Saddest Girl at the Party is a dynamic and engaging dance-theatre duet. Conceived as an ode to the attempt, and a lament for that which has been given up on, it uses a wide range of performative devices to continually set up and then undermine expectations, creating a piece that remains surprising from beginning to end. Combining choreographed movement, free improvisation, text, and tableau, it situates itself (tenuously) between playful and heartbreaking, falling (maybe, almost) just shy of each.

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