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Awareness Through Movement™ uses gentle movement and directed attention to help people discover greater ease, comfort, and efficiency in movement.

Through the practice, new neural pathways are formed, bringing about freedom from habitual movement patterns that can lead to discomfort, chronic pain, and slow or poor recovery from injury. Regardless of whether or not those habitual patterns lead to discomfort, Awareness Through Movement produces a sense of wholeness of body, mind, and presence through mindful embodiment.

Holistically beneficial, The Feldenkrais Method helps improve:

 /   Peak performance

Increasing efficiency of movement

allows for greater precision and agility,

improving overall performance.

 /   Injury recovery and prevention

Developing a more thorough understanding of how your own unique body moves allows for more effective recovery. Changing the underlying habitual movement patterns helps prevent repeat injury, and resolves underlying compensations which

are often the underlying causes of the initial injury.

 /   Chronic pain

Building new neural connections provides

freedom from engrained pathways

that lead to and exacerbate chronic pain.

 /   Mindfulness and overall wellbeing

Cultivating presence of attention and providing

the nervous system freedom from engrained

neural loops, Feldenkrais brings about a feeling

of balance and stability that begins

in movement but reaches the

core of our sense of self.

What can I expect in an Awareness Through Movement class?


Lessons are given through verbal instruction. Participants are guided through different series of simple, functional movements, while the facilitator invites them to attend to various details. Emphasis is placed on maintaining comfort and ease, never straining or pushing.


No demonstration is given, as the purpose of ATM is to discover how you move, as a unique individual with a unique structure and nervous system. The Feldenkrais Method posits that developing a nuanced understanding of one's structure and ways of moving is key to being able to act with efficiency and ease; this is different for each person, and so there is no suggestion of a "right" way that should be replicated. 

Offering a wide range of benefits, Feldenkrais is a practice that is accessible to everyone, and beneficial to anyone.


About the Feldenkrais Method

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