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When I Think It Has Yet To Begin

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When I Think It Has Yet To Begin is a solo practice that I have been working over the past few years, and an effort in engaging with performance as a process. Recognizing processes as actions by which all entities involved are changed, with this work I seek a dynamic interrelationship through which myself, audiences, and the piece, can change and be changed together. 

Created and performed by Francesca Frewer

Choreography: Justine A. Chambers, Antonio Somera Jr., Jenna Berlyn, Juolin Lee, Diego Romero, Michele Ferrer, Josh Martin, Lisa Gelley Martin, Erika Mitsuhashi, Alexa Mardon

Sound: Adam Asnan

Costume: Nellie Gossen

Lighting design: Daniel O’Shea

Dramaturgy/mentorship: Raïna von Waldenburg

Created with support from The Dance Centre and The Canada Council for the Arts.

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