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And does it edge closer?
part 1

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Created for the back hallway of a run-down warehouse space, And does it edge closer? is a durational performance for one audience member at a time.

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This piece questions our perceptions of consistency or stasis. Over the course of one hour, the performer moves at a constant, very slow speed. Water drips onto them from above, causing the gradual disintegration of a tissue paper costume. The slow, gradual progression gives a sense of quietness, but this stands in contrast to the effort required by the performer to sustain the task. A visually and sonically stark environment adds to the atmosphere created by the tension between these opposing qualities.

And does it edge closer? was presented at Here for Now Performance Series vol. II, which took place at the Eastside Studios Warehouse in December 2018.

Created and performed by Francesca Frewer.

Sound by Adam Asnan and Lukas Lauermann.

Duration: 60 minutes

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