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And does it edge closer?

Welcome! Thank you for tuning in.


You are invited to put this on while you do something else, letting the dance happen alongside you.

When you click the "enter" button below, 3 videos will autoplay. You can toggle with play/pause, sound/mute, and fullscreen for each one. 

There is a playlist at the bottom of the page that you can listen to while

you watch, if you wish. 

You are equally invited to watch more actively, to play around and choreograph the different elements into your own unique version of the performance.

The videos will play on loop; one "round" is 1 hour 10 minutes.

Created & performed by Francesca Frewer

Film:  Daniel O'Shea

Supported by:  The Dance Centre,  Boombox,  The Canada Council for the Arts

Special thanks to:  Erika Mitsuhashi,  Company 605

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